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Student Payroll Procedures

Student payroll occurrs every two weeks based on the annual student payroll calendar. The weekly student work period runs from Wednesday to Tuesday, and student web time sheets must be submitted for approval every other Wednesday by 12pm. On the following Wednesday, students will either receive a check in their Vassar mailbox or, if they have signed up for it, a direct deposit into the designated bank account. See Student Web Time Entry Instructions.

All student employees are expected to submit their time sheet(s) online by the deadline. This allows employers to approve time sheets prior to the deadline in order for students to get paid on time. Courtesy reminder emails are sent out prior to all payroll deadlines. If a student forgets to submit a time sheet for approval, s/he will need to add those RPP (Regualr Previous Pay) hours on the next web time sheet.

Select from the following:

Student Wage Limits

Student wage rates and levels are determined by the SEO and are based on the level of responsibility and skills required to perform the job.  The Student Wage Scale, located in the Student Employment Handbook, aids the SEO in assessing the wage rate in order to be consistent and fair across all Vassar student positions. 

Level Hourly Wage Range
Level 1 $9.00
Level 2 $10.00

Earnings and Hour Limits

For students with a student employment allowance (CWS or ISEP) in their financial aid package, the total annual earnings may not exceed the allotted award. Students without an allowance in their award are eligible to earn up to the maximum earnings for their class year. A student's class level also determines the average number of hours per week s/he is eligible to work during the academic year.

Class Year Average # of Hrs/Week Maximum Earnings Per Year
First Year Average 8 hrs/week $2160
Second Year Average 9 hrs/week $2430
Third Year Average 10 hrs/week $2700
Fourth Year Average 10 hrs/week $2700

*Please note that the chart above is for academic-year positions; positions during breaks are handled separately. Maximum earnings per year do not include winter, spring, and/or summer break earnings. Click here for more information on our break policies.

The SEO will be monitoring student earnings throughout the year and will contact the student and employer if the guidelines above are not followed.  For more information related to payroll guidelines, please see this section in the Student Employment Handbook.


Direct Deposit

We strongly enourage students to sign up for direct deposit. You will avoid misplacing checks, having to go to the bank to cash a check, filling out forms with the Post Office to have mail sent elsewhere during break, etc.  Signing up for direct deposit is done electronically.  Review the instructions.  You will need your bank information, account information and routing number.  Please be advised that it can take 1-2 payrolls before the direct deposit goes into effect.


Student Employee Tax Information

The W-4 form is used to determine how much (if any) tax should be withheld from a student’s pay. Vassar withholds Federal and New York State income taxes based on the W-4.  Students are not automatically exempt from having income taxes withheld. Even federal work study wages are taxable income. International students should check their country’s tax treaty status to determine if their earnings are exempt from U.S. taxes.  Students should direct questions regarding the W-4 and taxes to their parents, an accountant, or the IRS. The tax assistance hotline is 1-800-423-1040.

In accordance with the Internal Revenue Code, the college provides all students with a W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) at year-end.  This is sent by January 31 for the preceding calendar year’s earnings and is mailed to the student’s permanent home address.  W-2 forms from Vassar should be used to file the federal and state tax returns.  A copy of the W-2 for current international students will also be mailed to their campus box and is also found on Ask Banner.  It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to file the appropriate income tax forms annually.