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Bills and Payment

While at Vassar, your bill, scholarship, loans, and other financial matters are all handled through your student account. From your student account, you can see an itemized list of the fees charged and paid to the college, as well as funds disbursed. The student account will carry either a positive balance, meaning the amount that must be paid to the college, or a negative balance, meaning your account is over paid. For accounts with a negative balance you can request a refund and have the funds transferred to your personal bank account.

All direct charges (tuition, mandatory fees, room, board) are billed per semester, and financial assistance is disbursed per semester. Tuition bills are sent out in mid July for the fall semester and mid December for the spring term. You will receive an email notification when your bill is available.

If you are on the monthly payment plan or if you incur fees during the semester, then you will be billed monthly. for these new charges. If a parent, guardian, or other third party is responsible for paying the bill, then you can set them up in Nelnet as authorized payers, which will enable them to receive email notifications and to make payments electronically to your account.

Fall 2020

Bill Date Payment Due Date
July 20 August 10
August 14 September 10
September 15 October 10
October 15 November 10
November 16 December 10
December 15 January 10, 2021 (Spring Statement)

Spring 2021

Bill Date Payment Due Date
January 15 February 10
February 14 March 10
March 13 April 10
April 15 May 10
May 14 June 10
June 15 July 10