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Vassar College offers the following insurance options to our students and families.

Student Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance and are billed for the student health and accident insurance provided by the college through Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk.  If you have comparable coverage through your parents/guardian, you may request a waiver.  Waiver site opens July 3rd. Click here, then click on ‘student waive’ on the left hand side of the screen to waive the student health insurance.

Students can waive the health insurance if they have comparable coverage in the Poughkeepsie Area. If your waiver is approved, the charge will be removed from the student account. You will receive confirmation from the Insurance Company by email as to whether your waiver is approved or denied.

International students are required to purchase the Vassar health insurance and are not eligible for the waiver 

If you have questions regarding the coverage, please click here for Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk or call  800-471-6936.


Tuition Insurance

Vassar College is a participating institution of the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP), an optional insurance program that would augment Vassar's refund policy in the event of an unexpected leave from Vassar due to health reasons. The Tuition Refund Plan offers a refund of 80% of the insured term tuition, mandatory fees, room and board, less any refund or credit due to you from the college. This money can be used to repay any education loan or grant which must be returned in the event that a student withdraws from the college. 

The tuition waiver site will open on July 11th.  Click here to waive the tuition insurance. Can only be waived by the student.

For questions regarding the TRP, click here or contact Dewar Insurance at (617) 774-1555. 


Personal Property Insurance

Visit Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk for information and to apply for personal property insurance.

On Call International Insurance

The On Call Program, provided by On Call International in partnership with Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk.

All students studying abroad will be charged $45 to their student account. The student will be charged the semester they are traveling abroad and coverage is good during the 2017/2018 academic year.

Benefit Maximums

Medical Evacuation $250,000
Medical Repatriation $250,000
Repatriation of Remains $ 50,000
Joining of Injured Family Member $ 10,000
Political Evacuation $100,000
Natural Disaster Evacuation $100,000