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Computer Purchases and Federal Financial Aid

If eligible, students may borrow an additional Federal Student Loan in order to purchase a computer through the Vassar College Computer Store or through another source of their choosing. If the student is not eligible for additional Federal Student Loan, then the parent may borrow a Federal PLUS Loan to cover the cost of a computer and printer.

Guidelines for Purchases

  1. Go to the Vassar Computer Store, or other store/website of your choosing and select the computer you wish to purchase.
  2. Print the order form or estimate with the total amount the purchase will cost. Be sure you include the software, cables and printer, taxes, shipping and handling if applicable.
  3. Go the Office of Student Financial Services with the Order Form and meet with a financial aid counselor to determine what type of loan you will need to secure. Your budget will be adjusted to include the cost of the computer (one time only).
  4. When the loan has been processed, the funds will be transferred to the Computer Store, or a refund will be processed if you will be purchasing your computer elsewhere. Until the loan proceeds arrive a memo will be placed on your student account to reflect the loan.
    NOTE: It is very important that your account be paid or you must have enough memo’d and/or anticipated aid to cover your balance. If there is not sufficient amounts of memo’d and/or anticipated aid to cover the balance, arrangements will need to be made to pay the account. Refund Requests will only be processed for guaranteed funds such as approved loans, not outside scholarships.

Note: Only US Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible to borrow federal loans.