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New Students

Congratulations on your admission to Vassar!  

There are a number of things you must do before arriving on campus for First Year Orientation in August. The following is a "To Do" list of these items. 

Pre-Arrival Checklist

  • Submit all requested Financial Aid application materials and required documents. Check for outstanding documents on the Financial Aid Portal
  • Report any outside scholarships or awards
  • Complete Vassar Development Survey
  • Complete Federal Direct Loan Requirements: Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (if borrowing a loan)
  • Review Health Insurance and Tuition Insurance policies: complete a waiver form for each service you wish to opt out
  • Apply for a work study job: opens August 15th for eligible students. For an overview of the process, refer to the "How to" guide. International students may have additional requirements and should refer to the International "How to" guide.
  • Pay your bill: familiarize yourself with the billing process
    • Give your parent/guardian access to your student account. Set them up as an authorized payer
    • If you choose to participate in the monthly payment plan, you must enroll online

To help prepare for your transition to Vassar, you can find additional information on the New Students website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an outside scholarship. How does this impact my financial aid?

If you receive a scholarship or tuition benefit from somewhere other than Vassar, your financial aid package will be adjusted based on the amount of outside aid received. You must report any outside scholarships and/or tuition benefits to Vassar. We allow student to replace two of the three "self help" portions of their financial aid award with outside scholarships/tuition benefits.  Self-help aid includes student loans, the work study allowance, and the standard student contribution from summer earnings. If the total amount of your outside awards exceed the two self-help options, then the overage will reduce Vassar Scholarship.

Are there options for additional financing?

There are numerous financing methods parents and students can utilize to cover their family contribution.  These include: monthly payment plans, federal student and parent loans, alternative loans, etc.  It is up to each family to decide the best way to fund their contribution.  You can find more information on loan options here.

Does Vassar offer a payment plan?

Yes, Vassar offers two plans: a 5 month and a 4 month plan for each semester.  The payments are deducted electronically from your checking or savings account on the 5th of each month. There is no interest associated with the plan but there is a small fee to enroll.

Can I appeal my financial aid award?

If your family's circumstances have changed since you completed your financial aid application, you may request an appeal.  Factors that Vassar may consider upon appeal are: job loss, income fluctuations, high medical expenses not covered by insurance, expenses related to natural disasters, etc. Appeals must be done in writing and should include supporting documentation (i.e. recent tax returns, paid medical invoices, etc.).