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Your Financial Aid

Family Contribution

The parent and student contribution is calculated in the same manner as if the student were on campus. If the study away program is for one semester, one-half of the full year contribution will be expected. Please note that there may be some costs associated with study away programs that will not be considered in calculating the student's need (see section below). Therefore, the family will be responsible for any costs that exceed the cost to remain at Vassar for the semester or year.

Processing Student Loans and Pell Awards

Loans: Your financial aid award will include a recommended loan(s). If this is your first time accepting a federal direct loan, you will need to complete a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling procedure. Please refer to the Loans section of this website. If you have not been awarded a maximum federal direct loan, you may request that the loan be increased by sending a letter or email to the Office of Student Financial Services indicating the additional amount requested. Maximum levels for juniors and seniors is $7,500 for the academic year.

Pell: If you are selected for verification by the federal government, you must supply the Office of Student Financial Services with all documents required before any federal monies can be made available to you. This process can delay your application for up to four weeks, so it is imperative that you turn in your materials in on time.

Twelve College Exchange Program

All students who receive a Vassar scholarship as part of a financial aid package to participate in Twelve College Exchange must sign a special statement before the disbursement of the scholarship. That statement indicates that, should the student transfer to the host institution, the scholarship provided by Vassar for the exchange will become a loan. The student will be required to sign a promissory note prior to the release of an academic transcript.

Consortium Agreements

The college is required to enter into a consortium agreement with schools that host Vassar students who receive federal financial aid funds. The Office of Student Financial Services will be responsible for seeing that the agreement for your exchange/study away program is properly executed. We must rely on you to provide the complete name and address of the program on the budget sheet. Until the consortium agreement is signed and returned to this office, we will not be able to credit any federal funds to your account.