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Working during Break

Winter, spring, and summer break are considered non-enrollment periods. Therefore, regular campus jobs are suspended during break and students are not allowed to work in their regular academic campus job.

During break, there are a few on-campus jobs available, and these are handled differently from regular academic year positions. Priority consideration is given to international students on financial aid and students with high financial need who are able to work full-time (37.5 hours per week) for the duration of break. Students who meet this criteria will be able to apply for break positions during break registration.

Winter Break Approximately 40 jobs available
Spring Break Approximately 40 jobs available
Summer Break Approximately 70 jobs available

Wages earned during winter, spring, and summer break do not count toward a student's academic year earnings limit. For break registration dates, please visit the Job Registration Calendar. Students who qualify for a break position are eligible for campus housing. For break housing application deadlines, please contact Res Life.

Students must also meet certain enrollment requirements in order to be considered eligible for a break position. For more information please visit the Break Jobs section in the Student Employment Handbook.

October break is a break only from the regular meeting of classes and is not considered a period of non-enrollment; students can continue to work the regular 7-9 hours in their regular academic jobs during this particular break, and wages are counted towards the academic year earnings limit. Please keep in mind that there are various departments on campus that close and do not have students work their academic jobs during this break. Students are encouraged to speak with their employer in regard to work during October break to avoid any confusion.