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Community Service Work Study (CSWS) Student and Employer Expectations

  1. Students will perform 7-9 hours of work weekly (depending on year in college) at an authorized, not-for-profit or public sector community organization. This is a paid job placement and students are expected to be accountable, prompt, and to communicate with their site supervisor and with the Office of Student Financial Services when there are schedule changes.
  2. Both supervisors and students are responsible for maintaining an accurate record of student hours on-site (sign-in sheet, log, time sheet, etc.). The time log must be sent to the Student Financial Services Office by the end each payroll (typically 5pm every other Friday). The hours that students log on their electronic time sheets must correspond with those logged on-site at their agencies.
  3. Students will receive appropriate supervision and support within their placement. Supervisors must provide a written job description and complete a student evaluation at the end of the semester. Supervisors and students are expected to meet at least every two weeks.
  4. Supervisors and students can rely on our office to help address needs and concerns and to resolve problems or take advantage of emerging opportunities. Please feel free to call, request a meeting, or share ideas and frustrations so that our office can be of assistance.
  5. Students must plan to use the City of Poughkeepsie Transit System, bike, personal vehicle, or walk to arrive at their sites. If a student has a special situation that does not allow for the use of one of the above methods, s/he may contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss other options.
  6. Students and supervisors will make an effort to build effective relationships through their work together, and will participate when possible in larger community-building and social change efforts sponsored by community organizations and the college. If a student fails to meet the expectations set forth by the supervisor and designated organization, the situation will be brought to the attention of the assistant director of Student Financial Services to determine proper action.
  7. If a participating organization fails to meet the expectations set forth by Vassar College, the organization risks jeopardizing future program eligibility in the CSWS program.