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Types of Aid

Vassar meets 100% of each student's demonstrated financial need with a personalized award package. By drawing upon a variety of resources, offering generous scholarships, and eliminating loans for low-income families, we make it possible for qualified students from all walks of life to attend the college.

Grants & Scholarships
Alternatively known as "gift aid", these awards do not have to be repaid. Funds come from the college, the federal government, your home state, and outside sources. At Vassar, scholarships are awarded exclusively on the basis of financial need, not academic merit.

Funds that are borrowed and must be repaid with interest. The college participates in several federal loan programs that offer low-interest rates and flexible repayment plans. You may also look into loan programs offered by private lenders. If you are considering borrowing, we encourage you to carefully research the terms and conditions associated with each loan option.

Work Study/Student Employment
A program that offers part-time on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities, enabling students to earn money for educational expenses. Students receive the allocated funds though bi-weekly paychecks reflecting their hours worked.

Outside Scholarships & Tuition Benefits
Financial aid from sources outside of Vassar, such as non-profit foundations, religious groups, corporations, philanthropists, or even your parents' employers. In most cases you apply directly through the organization to qualify.

VA Benefits
The U.S. government has a variety of programs that offer education benefits to veterans and active service members. Benefit programs can provide payments for tuition and fees, housing allowances, and/or stipends for books and supplies.